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Once you have paid for the league you wish to join please take a screen shot of the confirmation along with which league you want be in (there are two different intermediate leagues) and email it to our commissioner Nathan! **We have opened up Champions League to anyone interested in joining, space is very limited. You can have a Champions League team and another team if you want.** Leagues draft the last week of preseason and are first come first serve, if we don’t have space for your team we apologize but you will have to wait till next year.

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**If you wish to play but don’t have the ability to purchase below right away, email Nathan and let him know of your interest.** He will put your email in a list and communicate with you if any leagues are coming close to filling up. Spots can’t be reserved but if we know you are interested we can have a better idea of how many leagues to have available.

Filled Leagues:

7/27 Beginner League No Longer Has Spots Available

8/15 Intermediate IDP No Longer Has Spots Available

8/19 Champions League No Longer Has Spots Available

Beginner League Fees
Beginner League Fees
Intermediate League Fees
Intermediate League Fees
IDP Intermediate League Fees
IDP Intermediate League Fees
Champions League Fees
Champions League Fees

We want to extend a huge thank you to all of you who are joining us for Fantasy Football with the Detroit Lions Podcast. We’re expecting to have an amazing time!
All prizes for the leagues are as listed below:

Beginner LeagueIntermediate LeaguesChampion's League
1st Place: $751st Place: $1501st Place: $200
2nd Place: $1002nd Place: $120
3rd Place: $503rd Place: $60


Rules Breakdown

Beginner League

Ten teams compete in a standard scoring format with team defenses. All touchdowns are with six points, as opposed to four points for passing touchdowns. Return yards are counted for special teams, but are not in effect for defenses.

This league is setup for players who wish to get their feet wet with fantasy. While we don’t mind players returning to this league, it is first come first serve and we won’t open a second league unless there is an overwhelming call for it. Generally players will move up to an Intermediate League after a year at this level.

League Capacity Updated 7/27 (10 of 10 teams)  ***The League Is Full Please Consider Intermediate Non IDP League***


Intermediate IDP League

This is our “Mega-league”, it consists of two 12-team leagues. Regular season works the same as any league, as well as most of the playoffs. The change comes in the Championship game, where both finalists are paired with the finalists of the opposing league. So that is four players fighting for the championship of their respective leagues, but also to be crowned “Super Bowl Champion”.

“Super Bowl Champion” is the league winner with the most points scored. This player wins the 1st place prize. Second place goes to the champion of the opposing league. Third place goes to the losing finalist who scored the most points. So to win money in the Intermediate League you must make it to the finals in week 15, and not have the lowest score of the three other finalists.

The Intermediate League has full point per reception scoring, and individual defensive players. All touchdowns are six points, and return yards are counted for both special teams and individual defensive players.

Both 12-team leagues are divided up into four divisions. Division winners are invited to participate in Champions League the next year.

League Capacity Updated 8/15 (**FULL**) ***The League Is Full Please Consider Intermediate Non IDP League***

Non-IDP Intermediate League

Refer to the above description, but without IDP or return yards on defense. There is currently no plan to invite players from this league to a Champions League, if you wish to make it to that level consider the regular Intermediate League.

League Capacity Updated 8/15 (**8 spots left**) 

Champions League

Set up similar to the Intermediate “Mega-League”, Champions league is nearly identical except for being made of two eight-team leagues. So there is a better chance of making it to the finals and a bigger pot to win. Of course with the easier stakes, there is a chance of not being invited back: only the top four teams from each eight-team league retains their invite. The bottom four move back to the intermediate leagues the following year.

Those who get an invite to the Champions League are invited to have a second team in the intermediate league. Though only one team can be in Champions League at any time, so if your second team qualifies they won’t be invited to Champions League. Though if your Champions League team falls to the Intermediate League, you can retain your invite if you qualify in the Intermediate League for that year.

League Capacity Updated 8/19(**FULL**) ***The League Is Full Please Consider Intermediate Non IDP League***


Make sure to listen to the podcast for updates through out the season on how teams are doing, also for any contests we dream up. There will definitely be a Team Name Contest for the best names!

Have fun, and welcome to the Detroit Lions Podcast Fantasy Football Leagues!